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Obagi Reviews

Obagi Reviews


The following Obagi reviews were submitted by O Discount Store customers. If you would like to submit a review for a specific product, please navigate to the product page and click on the review button. If you would like to submit a general review about O Discount Store or Obagi, please click here. Thank you!


I first started using Obagi under the supervision of a dermatologist almost six years ago.  But with two children and a working husband, regular doctor visits started to become an inconvenience.  It was difficult to find the time to make an office visit for my usual products, so I began shopping around online.  I’ve placed several orders with Obagi Discount Store over the past 4 months and each has arrive promptly.  I’ve saved a lot by ordering online!

Cheryl, Tucson, AZ


I’ve shopped around, and the O Discount Store’s prices are the lowest.  Best of all, I do not have to pay Canadian import taxes on my products.  What you see is what you pay, and I like that.

Tania, Vancouver, BC


The O Discount Store customer service is amazing.  I nervously called before purchasing the NU Derm system, as recommended by my doctor.  The sales representative was friendly and knowledgeable, and she made me feel confident in my decision to purchase.

Michelle, Los Angeles, CA


I ordered a 5% vit C serum from O discount Store and in its place I received a 15% vit C. I was helped by a freindly customer service representative who immediately solved the situatiuon. Two days later I was pleased to receive the right product and a free gift as well as a letter of apology. There was no unnecessary explaining and they didn't wait to receive the return before sending the correct item. All my return shipping charges were promptly reimburssed. I will keep buying from O Discount Store.

Renee, South Carolina


I absolutely love the Elastiderm eye treatment!  Buying from the O Discount Store saves me a substantial amount of money over the months, and I’m still getting the exact same product I was receiving directly from my dermatologist. 

Karen, Pittsburgh, PA


I have enough to do from day-to-day, I do not need unnecessary doctor visits piled into the mix.  I like O Discount because it is simple.  I can easily find what I need, order it, and receive it within a few days.

Gina, New York, NY



Obagi C-Rx Systems:  Prescription Strength, Youthful Results


The C-Rx System products have been my secret for years.  I am 52, and I look better than I did at age 35.

Robert, Baltimore, MD


Balancing Toner

This is the key to my personal Obagi treatment.  I’ve tried other Rx System products, like the Clarifying Serum, without using the Toner first and got good results.  The moment I began using the Toner first, I got great results.  The Toner is absolutely essential in increasing the absorption of other C-Rx products.  My skin has never looked better. 

Erica, Waterbury, CT


Clarifying Serum

This serum is unique:  I’ve yet to find another product with a Vitamin C—hydroquinone combination like the C Clarifying Serum.  The results are amazing.

Dani, Berkeley, CA


Cleansing Gel

I love this product.  From removing makeup to preparing my skin for the rest of the Rx System products, this cleansing gel gently cleans my face and leaves me feeling fresh.

Victoria, Seattle, WA


Exfoliating Day Lotion

If you want to encourage the reproduction of skin cells, this is your product.  I’ve been an avid user for over 3 years and my skin has only gotten younger looking.

Melissa, Providence, RI


Sunguard SPF 30

I'm a lifeguard, and I’m in the sun all day every day.  The Z-Cote is what sets this sunguard apart from the rest.  It protects my skin in the hot Florida sun, and it keeps me looking youthful.  I highly recommend this to anyone who spends prolonged periods of time in the sun.

Brianna, Boca Raton, FL


Therapy Night Cream

This is my favorite Obagi product by far. One easy application right before you go to sleep, and your face receives a continual dose of vitamins to fight free radicals and promote healthy skin. When I wake up, my skin looks positively beautiful.

Aria, Brantford, ON



Restore Your Skin’s Natural Resiliance with Obagi Elastiderm


No other product reduced my facial wrinkles as quickly and effectively as Obagi's Elastiderm products. I've used Elastiderm for over 6 years, and I can feel the difference in the firmness of my face. You can see it, too. I look nearly 10 years younger.

Marcia, San Francisco, CA


Elastiderm Eye Cream

Your face is your first impression.  My first impression tells people I'm 30, not 48.  It’s been the best investment I’ve made in a long time.

Elyse, Honolulu, HI


Eye Treatment Gel

This is not your typical drugstore product that promises fabulous results and falls short.  I continue to buy the Elastiderm eye treatment gel because it has genuine ingredients that truly work.

Phyllis, Oklahoma City, OK


Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35

If you aren't protecting yourself from the full spectrum of the sun's rays, you're wasting your time.  I love this product because it provides protection against UVA and UVB rays, and it includes zinc oxide for added protection.  It is hard to find a better way to keep from getting sunburned. 

Sara, St. Charles, IL



The Obagi NU Derm Systems:  Your Weapon Against Premature Aging


Los Angeles is continually ranked among the most polluted cities in the U.S.  It's no wonder I go to great lengths to care for my skin.  I'm 47 years old and still have a great complexion, and I know it's thanks to NU Derm products and the O Discount Store. 

Marie, Los Angeles, CA


Foaming Gel

Of all the facial cleansers I've tried, this has to be the best.  It's gentle, but effective. 

Christina, Miami, FL



I've relied on hyroquinone products for many years to reduce the appearance of freckles.  Obagi has been the most effective, and I love ordering the products through the O Discount Store.  No doctor visits, no worries.  I order, receive, and use.  Simple. 

Leslie, San Juan, PR



I have several dark spots along my face and neckline that I’ve always been self conscious of.  The NU Derm Clear was one of the few products I tried that quickly lightened these areas.  Looking back, I’m happy I chose the Clear cream over laser treatments.

Laura, Houston, TX



This is unlike most exfoliating products—the phytic acid makes all the difference, especially for people like me with very sensitive skin.  Exfoderm leaves me feeling smooth, as opposed to other exfoliators that make my skin feel dry and cracked.

Hannah, Long Beach, CA


Exfoderm Forte

I've always relied on Exfoderm Forte because it is the best exfoliating agent for my particularly oily skin.  Ordering online makes getting this product a snap, too.  I love not having to go to the doctor each time I need another order.

Ethan, Gross Point, MI


Gentle Cleanser

I love this product, but I use it liberally and tend to run out quickly.  I started ordering online simply for convenience, and I found Obagi Discount Store to have the absolute best prices.  I’m very happy I’ve found an online store that I can trust.

Julie, Willowick, OH



If you've never been to Nevada, let me assure you it’s hot!  I use the Sunfader because it is light, provides powerful UV protection, AND it keeps my skin tone even.  I run out of it quickly, so I buy it online often.  Obagi Discount by far has the best prices, customer service, and they have free shipping.  Life is good.

Yasmina, Mesquite, NV



I have very sensitive skin but love the results I get with NU Derm.  The Tolereen application gives me the added moisturizer I need to keep my skin healthy and irritation-free.  I found Tolereen on the O Discount Store for nearly half what I was paying my doctor, and I’ve been ordering from them ever since.

Rachel, Winchester, IL



This is a vital piece of the NU Derm system.  I love it because I can feel the astringent cleaning my face, preparing it for the rest of the treatment. 

Alexandra, Fairview, TN



Obagi Professional C-Serums:  Fight the Aging Process with Professional Strength Antioxidants


Obagi Professional Serums give my skin the smooth glow that is usually only attained after a day at the health spa.  I’ve never used a product that exfoliates and firms my facial area as well as the Professional line from Obagi.  Truly wonderful.

Denise, Clionton, NJ


Professional C-Serum 5%

The secret to this product is the L-asorbic acid.  No other ingredient fights free radicals like it.  You can see the difference.  Your skin becomes vibrant, smooth, and even.

Julie, Cambridge, MA


Professional C-Serum 10%

I noticed a drastic improvement in the firmness of my skin in only one bottle of Professional C-Serum.  My face hasn't felt half as firm and smooth as it does now since I was very young.

Elizabeth, Atlanta, GA


Professional C-Serum 15%

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place to live, but the sun is incredibly intense.  I rely on daily use of the Professional Serum to protect my skin from the sun and to maintain a youthful appearance.  Other products may protect your skin, like sunscreen, but only the Professional line has the antioxidants your skin needs to fight the aging process.

Claudia, San Juan, PR


Professional C-Serum 20%

I turned to the strongest of the Obagi Professional line because I live in an extremely hot environment.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, on the golf course, and it began to show in the areas under my eyes.  Regular use of the C-Serum effectively smoothed out the wrinkles and sun spots I’d developed, and I couldn’t be happier.

Paula, San Antonio, TX



For Comprehensive Skin Care, Look No Further Than Obagi


Obagi products really are like a team, each one working with the next.  Some prepare the skin, some treat specific problems, and others provide nourishment and protection.  I use Obagi systems because they treat all of my skin’s needs and yield powerful results. 

Rene, Houston TX


Clenziderm Starter Set

I've always had terrible acne breakouts along my jaw line.  I tried everything, even Proactive solutions, and nothing really worked.  When I tried the Clenziderm system, I was skeptical, but it cleared my face very well.  I am proud to say I haven’t had an acne breakout since I started using Clenziderm.

Lauren, Ft. Worth, TX


Condition and Enhance System (full size)

This is the most valuable investment you can make in your skin.  The Condition and Enhance system fully supports the generation of youthful looking skin.  From toners to blenders to sun block, no other assortment of products can deliver these outstanding results!

Vanessa, Boston, MA


Condition and Enhance System (travel size)

I love my Condition and Enhance travel size!  Now I can travel and maintain my skin regular skin care regiment, all with easy to carry and convenient to use products.

Kelly, Los Angeles, CA


Elastiderm Decolletage System

Hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, crows feet—I had it all until I discovered Obagi.  I found the premium arrangement of products I needed in the Decolletage System, and my skin looks beautiful now.  Utterly spectacular!

Mary Beth, London, ON


Rosacler System

Ever since childhood I’ve had Rosacea, and I remember being very self conscious about it.  The Rosacler System calms my skin and evens my skin tone, giving me one less thing to worry about.  I love the appearance of my skin after having used the system for only eight weeks!

Jackie, Philadelphia, PA


C Rx Starter Set

This is a serious collection for those who want to aggressively combat aging skin.  In only four weeks my skin was incredibly soft, bright, and firm.  My skin tone is even, and I look like I’m a youthful 20-something again.  I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without caring for my skin like this.  The results are, in a single word, amazing.

Alanna, Windsor, ON

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